Worship your body from the inside out.

Temple Coaching provides one-on-one support and guidance for your physical, emotional, and spiritual path.


Temple Training focuses on flexibility, stability and strength for a holistic, balanced approach to fitness.

Temple group classes range from high energy movement to rejuvenating meditation to create balance in the bodymind. 

Our Mission is To bring more love and peace to the world

by Empowering people to Claim  Exceptional Health

in Mind, Body and Spirit.  


At Temple our skilled coaches and trainers  take a mind-body-spirit approach to help you design and implement a personalized fitness, nutrition and lifestyle plan that has you feeling strong and vibrant from the inside out.

Temple is not only a fitness studio, but also a community of open hearted, forward thinking friends cultivating connection, responsibility, body wisdom, consciousness and playfulness for a satisfying, beautiful life.  

Our "Work in. Work out." philosophy encourages balance by respecting your evolving daily needs for invigorating, hard, Yang or rejuvenating, gentle, Yin activities. We help you cultivate vibrant life energy with a sweaty circuit class or a silent meditation depending on what's right for your body.

At Temple we're blazing trails with a modern, intelligent, holistic new approach to fitness and nutrition. It's personal, it's effective, it's a paradigm shift in the way we relate to our food, body and life. 


Coaching at temple


Natalie Diane
Co-Founder, eating psychology & Holistic Lifestyle coach

Eating Psychology Coach, Chef and Nutrition Counselor using holistic nutrition and Yin movement styles to help clients resolve undesireable eating habits and health concerns. Using a dynamic eating psychology and mind-body nutrition approach she helps cultivate body wisdom, elevated self care, and a loving, compassionate relationship with movement, food and body.


Terence Carfrae //
Co-Founder, Vitality coach, leadTrainer

CHEK Practitioner (Corrective, Holistic Exercise Kinesiology), CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Holistic Coach and Functional Diagnostic Nutritionist with 20 years of experience coaching people of all ages towards their health goals.  His coaching is a synthesis of multiple disciplines that offers a truly holistic approach to vibrancy and vitality in body and life.