Osho Dynamic Meditation


Meditation is a tool that most of us know is really important for finding that often elusive inner peace.  For me, that stillness that I find while sitting in a quiet place becomes like a really comfortable pair of soft leather shoes that fit my feet better and better as time goes by.  It's a place that I find myself looking forward to revisiting often and for longer and longer stretches of time.  The truth is, it was not always like this for me.  

The Grind

When I first sat in meditation it was like trying to sit motionless in a storm.  Not just any storm, mind you. It was like sitting on rough, rocky ground in a hurricane, with hail and lightning striking all around me.  Well, that may be a little melodramatic, but truly, my inner world was terribly chaotic and busy. 

Thoughts would race through my mind each time I sat; regrets from the past, desires for the future, memories and fantasies.  Stories upon stories upon stories would pile up in my inner world creating an almost unbearable experience that was anything but peaceful.  Yet, with limited skills in this area I persisted, forcing myself with great will and determination to sit still in the name of inner peace.  This did actually prove useful over time, though in hindsight a different approach probably would have been more enjoyable and effective. 

The Western Mind

Osho recognized that there were fundamental differences between an Eastern mind and a Western mind.  The culture of the East seems to create a mind that is much less busy, perhaps even lazy, as Osho would say.  Whereas, our Western culture is often frantic with doing.  Juggling multiple tasks at once and trying to squeeze a tremendous amount of doing into each day. 

This chaotic nature of the Western mind is what led Osho to develop specific techniques to make that entry into the no-mind state of meditation more accessible.  He claimed there was a need to first clear the clutter of noisy thoughts and strong emotions.  He would do this with various methods such as shaking, speaking gibberish, laughing or other forms of energy release.  Following this, a sense of spaciousness would be experienced and it is  through this opening that the blissful being-ness of meditation would be available.  

As an avid exerciser, I have long found that a tough workout, or a long run would do wonders for clearing my mind.  The post workout peacefulness I would experience was the perfect space to sit still in traditional meditation where I could enter into a pure witnessing, free from the constant pull of the stories of the '10,000 chattering monkeys' of the mind.  

Enter the Osho Dynamic Meditation

The Osho Dynamic Meditation is a wonderful starting point for anyone with a busy mind.  I highly recommend it for beginners as it is so effective at providing this clearing of noise and chaos in both the body and the mind. 

I've heard it said that this meditation has the power to change your life dramatically in a single session.  I believe it.  When I go deeply and fully into the dynamic meditation I always find myself having profound insight into challenges I'm facing in my life at the time.  I also find that the sensation of expansiveness and inner restfulness is carried with me throughout the day. 

This is not just for beginners though.  I've heard many a tale of long time meditators experiencing this powerful technique for the first time and having their socks rocked.  It's such a beautiful design - it cuts straight through those blocks that hinder us from ‘getting there’.  It offers people like me, and you, a handy and effective tool to arrive at and cultivate a space within ourselves that is beyond mind, beyond thought and feeling.  A place called ‘Peace’.

The Osho Challenge

There are tremendous benefits to be gained from a practice such as this, if you stick with it. The simple challenge I would like to offer you is to perform this meditation for 6 weeks in a row. 

Notice what happens.  See what changes in your inner landscape during this time.  Perhaps you will even notice the outer landscape changing as well.  It is inevitable, in my experience, that when you clean out the chaos within that you will be attracted to, and attractive to, people with a similarly peaceful inner world.  

Temple offers Osho Dynamic Meditation every Monday morning 7:30-8:30am. Your first meditation is FREE! Check the schedule or contact us for more details.