The Six Pillars


The 6 pillars of your temple

Sickness has become big business.  With the rates of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity and autoimmune diseases reaching epidemic proportions, people are frantically looking for solutions for themselves and their loved ones.   There’s no shortage of companies willing to sell us the quick fix of this pill, that supplement or this miracle food to magically cure what ails us.  I have to admit, I still find myself eager to believe the hype at times, and will try out the latest fad food or supplement, in spite of the part of me that knows better.

Let’s face it, it’s just so much easier to take a pill or a supplement.  We can disappear the pain or symptom and then try to convince ourselves that the problem is gone.  If I have a headache, just take an aspirin and the headache is gone!  Problem solved, right?  The thing is, the headache was a symptom of an imbalance in my system, not a result of a deficiency of aspirin!  So, why do we have a culture that continues to avoid looking at the root cause of disease and discomfort and instead look to mask the signs and symptoms that our body uses to communicate to us that something is out of balance

We need to start asking the question ‘why?’ more.  Why do I have a headache?  This simple inquiry allows us to look to underlying causes, to become curious about the teachings the headache is bringing to our attention. 

The six pillars

There are six pillars of health that must be considered before directly addressing any symptom.  The beauty of the pillars is that when they're all fully supporting your health the vast majority of symptoms disappear!  In fact, it's likely that your health will be so robust that disease or illness will likely never appear.  However, an imbalance in any one of these 6 pillars could be the very reason for the disease, illness or pain that you're experiencing. 

Pillar 1 – Thoughts and Emotions

The first and arguably the central pillar of your Temple is the thoughts, beliefs and feelings that are in your bodymind.  Each thought and feeling carries an energy signature that changes the body in some way, either subtly or in many cases not so subtly.  With each of us thinking many tens of thousands of thoughts each day, the nature of these thoughts and the effects they have on our bodymind can be very dramatic. 

Pillar 2 – Breathing

The most powerful physiological function we perform can also be the most devastating.  Poor breathing can result in just about every imaginable disease there is.  If you're not breathing into the belly, if you're breathing through the mouth or you're breathing more air than you need, you're likely creating a ripe environment for disease to thrive.

Pillar 3 – Hydration

Most of us are pretty aware that drinking water as your primary fluid is definitely part of the hydration battle.  Making sure we're getting enough water, and that it's clean, can be a little more tricky.  Most people today are chronically dehydrated without knowing it and this simple thing is the very root of many of the symptoms they're experiencing.

Pillar 4 – Food

Unless you've been living under a rock you're likely to be pretty aware that food is important for health.  Food is one of the areas where people today see massive health results from small changes to their intake.  Quality of food, the right amounts of food, and the removal of reactive foods (foods that you may be sensitive or allergic to) are three main points of focus that can boost this pillar’s support of your health.

Pillar 5 – Movement

Movement is life!  I'm an advocate of the idea that we exist in a bodymind.  The health of the mind is directly related to the health of the body and the health of the body is directly related to how often and how well the body moves.  Intelligent, regular movement is vital to health, and often overlooked is the need to balance intense exercise with gentle movement. 

Pillar 6 – Sleep

Sleeping well is a skill that many (not including teenage boys) have lost.  It’s not just a simple matter of getting to bed on time.  It's also about diving as deeply into sleep as we are able to.  Uninterrupted sleep is a major booster for anyone’s health and without it chronic disease and energy issues are a given.


Returning to these foundational pillars and making sure that they are all supporting your health is vitally important.  Working with a coach who knows how to assess each of these aspects of health may be the most powerful step you take in reclaiming your right to vibrancy and longevity.  At Temple, we work with every client to strengthen these six pillars and guide them back to a state of strength, balance and beauty.