Video Series: The Triple Threat to Breath

This 3 part video series is a follow up to Terence's recent blog post The Triple Threat to Breath and more deeply explores the necessity of proper breathing for the health of your bodymind.  


The most amazing thing about breath to me is that it's our easiest access point to change our internal state from stress to calm.  From a purely physiological standpoint, we can use our breath to directly influence our autonomic nervous system.  It's the health hacker’s most readily available tool to promote wellness, and yet it's one of the most overlooked and under-utilized.


When we developed the ability for speech, we also developed the ability to control our breathing.  Breathing in most mammals is as inaccessible to conscious thought as heart rate and digestion.  These functions fall under the control of the autonomic nervous system, which is by definition involuntary or unconscious.  Yet when humans began speaking, we gained conscious access to this previously off-limits area of our nervous system and in so doing opened the door to all other areas of the autonomic nervous system through this portal.  It's like a backdoor hack in a security system.  

As breathing is hardwired in to the autonomic nervous system, when we consciously regulate our breath, we can also regulate that entire system!  By consciously breathing rapidly, we can stimulate the sympathetic branch of our autonomic nervous system and induce a flight or fight response in our body.  For example, you may see a boxer  amp himself up by rapidly breathing before a fight.  Conversely, slowing ones breath to long slow cycles can induce a stimulatory effect to the parasympathetic branch and induce a calming effect in our body.  The prevalence of the phrase ‘take a few deep breaths’ is a clear indication of the common understanding of this. 

The thing is most of us don’t know how to take advantage of this life hack!

In this video series Terence will go deeper into the knowledge you need to get your healthy breathing back. If you like this video and find it valuable please comment and share below!

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