Are you the poison or the antidote?

We're in a lot of trouble. Our health system is seriously broken and I see people frantically searching for answers and rarely finding any long-term solutions. 

We need to stop searching for the quick fix!

We need to get back to basics and learn to listen to our body’s many cries for help. 

I’m going to drop a massive paradigm-shifting bomb on you right now;  

Your body wants to be healthy! 

In fact, every living organism does!  Life is doing everything in its power to return to a state of vital healthy vibrancy.  Whether it is a cat, a tree, an entire eco-system or a human being, we all have an in-built self-healing, balance creating system that is doing it’s very best to return us to optimum health. 

You first have to get out of your own way!

The choices we make from moment to moment determine whether or not our body can do what it wants and return to health.  The habits we have formed around our preferences and aversions have led us to behaviors that are often the root of many if not all of our health challenges. 

The disease is not in you, it is you!  We are the poison and the antidote.  It simply depends on how we choose to live our lives.

Rather than changing the behavior that is at the root cause of a health problem, most people would rather find something external to patch it up with.  Let’s look at a few common issues I see and some possible solutions:

Before looking to add anything into your life in a way of fixing a chronic health problem, first seek to create balance in each of the 6 pillars;

Thoughts and feelings






If any of these aren’t in balance, then your graceful return to a state of wellness will be hampered. 

Let’s consider the Amazon rainforest.  It wants to be healthy.  It is doing everything in its power to grow trees and plants back, to have its animals having healthy babies and living in balance with each other, to have clean water in its rivers and clean air in its skies. 

If we took all of the humans out of the Amazon, the entire ecosystem would return to a wild, natural, healthy state quite quickly. 

Even if we were just to remove the bulldozers, the farms with chemicals, the oil refineries, the poachers and tourists, the Amazon would have a much better chance of balancing itself out again. 

Your body is the same.  When we return to the basics of what it needs; fresh air, movement, sunshine, clean water, ample rest, play, organic foods, laughter… then we don’t need to spend money on drugs, doctors, supplements or surgery!   

Our behaviors of modern life, such as;

·      late nights in front of screens

·      eating types and amounts of foods that harm rather than heal our body

·      breathing improperly from chronic stress

·      daily movement is limited and or repetitive

·      hearts and minds heavy with lists of the 10000 things to do

are steadily draining our vitality, and hindering our ability to return easily and gracefully to a natural and normal state of abundant flowing health. 

Your body wants to be healthy.  It’s the choices that you make everyday that block it from doing what it is constantly trying to do; Heal!

It really isn’t that complex!  At Temple, we are committed to guiding you through the process of unwinding a lifetime of habits that are stopping you from living the life you dream of.  We aim to make it easy and effective for you so that you can claim back your right to health.  

Are you ready to get off the merry-go-round of mediocre health?