Sense Doesn't Make Dreams

“… a primary purpose of dream is not to redress the balance of consciousness  but to re-train the senses, our simplistic belief in them, by means of the dream. Dreams, after all, are incursions of imagination into the usual world of sense which we pretentiously call ‘consciousness’. Dreams don’t make sense because sense doesn’t make dreams.”  

[James Hillman, "Image Sense", Spring Journal 1979.]

It is with this offering by James Hillman on Image Sense that we enter into our third consecutive free Community Dream Matrix at Temple Santa Barbara tonight 7-9pm.

In Community Dream Matrix we leave the rational sense-making mind behind, and instead invite into the Santa Barbara and world communities our imaginings from the heart. If you have ever fallen in love you know, that in thinking with the heart, the attachments, justifications, and qualifications that normally accompany the rational mind are set aside and instead we unfold a red carpet for the unconscious to take center stage. Likewise, in Dream Matrix, images and dreams that leap from the heart become gateways to a shared world of non-sense. Thinking with our hearts is image.  In Dream Matrix these images meet other images, and dreams meet dreams. They become our guides, and we allow them to lead the dialogue.

What make sense to the heart doesn't always make sense to the mind. In Community Dream Matrix, as a group, we invite the unconscious to move through us and to illuminate the undercurrent of unconscious images already present in our community. Like lovers, images in the matrix twist, churn, and dance with one another. We tend to them by giving them voice, and we dance with them.

Imaginings of these sort rarely make it into the “sensical” world of conversation or mundane reality. However, if given a chance, images and dreams can enter our community consciously, by our invitation, to share their imagining of us, and the world we share with them. They can assist us in reforming what makes “sense.”

In Temple’s Community Dream Matrix we consider new forms of consciousness that seek to be known, dance in a river of possibilities with them, and invite something new to our “sensing” of the worlds. Join us at Temple Santa Barbara tonight to get cozy with tea and friends and make some non-sense together.